Google Developers Summit

Interested in interacting with Googlers from across the world and getting a glimpse of Google’s latest products and platforms before they get launched to the world? This is your chance.

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Google Developer Summit is an annual event hosted by
Google to showcase the newest products and platforms
to developers. Our mission is to empower developers
with efficient innovation capabilities, and to create a
pleasant product experience.


GDS 2019

LUMS (Computer Science Department) in collaboration with the Google Home team from the Mountain View organized a Google Home Developer Summit. This hands-on workshop was organized as the Technical pre-conference (UX Pakistan) event. The team at Google aimed to provide hands-on instructions and share latest developer updates exclusively with Pakistani developers to cover both Google Cast and Actions on Google for Smart Home. Invited speakers and facilitators included 5 Googlers from the Mountain View (California).


John Fieg

Head of Home Automation Division @Google

Ryo Ga

APAC Head of Technical Account Management @Google

Sean Cho

Head of Technical Account Management @Google

Faisal Feroz

Director Partner Engineering @Google

Kevin Nilson

Head of Technical Solutions Engineering @Google