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Design is everywhere and it‘s becoming more and more essential to our every day life. Design Walk helps us to explore and understand, to take part and communicate.

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What this is

Design Walk is a unique opportunity to gain insight into the world of design through guided tours of the city. It invites the public to discover, to join, to participate, to walk along with the some Designers from the local and international Design community.


Design is to share, but is also to surprise. Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming Design Walk.


Heritage Walk

Heritage Walk was held at Lahore in 2018 as part of the Design Baithak. It had participants from Lahore, Karachi, and Los Angeles. The walk included a live storytelling session, a presentation on the science of heritage preservation by Wajiha Arshad, a short workshop on sustainable tourism, followed by a lovely rooftop dinner at the Lahore Food Street.


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