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Inova is a beginner-friendly innovation and design challenge.

Inova is a first of its kind innovation and design challenge in Pakistan, being hosted by INDEX- The Design Innovation Society at LUMS, for high school students (O/A levels and Matric/Fsc). It aims to be a beginner-friendly event with the goal of fostering innovative and design thinking in individuals to solve problems.



2 Days




High School Students



Registrations for Inova in
2021 will be opening soon.
Stay tuned.

If you wish to be notified, let us know.


Inova 2019.

This year’s event invited 30+ students from O/A Levels and Matric in Lahore to participate in a design and innovation challenge. This involved a design thinking workshop, a preparatory design sprint, a social event and a full-day competition to solve 3 design problems:

• Design Thinking Challenge
• Logo Design
• Thematic Art Concept

For more information, download our design sprint guidelines and judgement criteria PDF.


Spotlight projects are the top 2-3 winning projects
which deserve to be showcased.

Best Delegation: Team Heavy Depression

Inova 2019

General Guidelines

Inova will require participants in teams, of at least 3 or maximum 4, to compete with their peers with the aim of solving mind boggling problems as being put forward by leading pioneers.

Participants will be given general guidance on how to go about the challenge on day 1. The following day they will be given their respective design briefs. Teams will solve the problem to the best of their abilities in a design sprint. After completing the design sprint, students will informally present their workings to a panel consisting of design specialists and representatives of Index.

Award Scheme

All winners will be awarded shields. Team members of a delegate performing the best in each specific task category will be awarded certificates. Every other aspiring participant will receive a certificate to serve as recognition for their efforts in being part of Inova.


What our

Meet the Judges

Anum Haroon

Head of Design, Index

Hania Siddiqui

Director Design, Index

Hamza Naveed

Assistant Director, Index

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