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By Mehreen Masood

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Design Conferences

Various Conferences and Seminars are also held to promote networking and community building in Pakistan’s design industry.


UXPakistan is a yearly design conference that was launched in 2017 by Suleman Shahid. UXPakistan is dedicated to networking and has been successful in connecting around 1500 people from the design industry. The conference is a combination of talks by famous design leaders of the industry and professional skill-building workshops on Service Design, Virtual Reality, Design Springs, Graphic Design etc. This conference's target audience is people active in the industry or those looking to join in the future. It is a dedicated platform to bring all product and service design disciplines together, from research areas, marketing, technology, sales and business, and design. You can find more details about UXPakistan here.


ND2C - (National Design Digital Conference) is held yearly in Islamabad to bring together people from various fields such as design, branding, design thinking, marketing etc. ND2C is also a mix of informative seminars and workshops conducted by local and foreign design practitioners and business leaders. The conference also includes a creative fair to showcase the work of talented designers from across the country.


Playground is an initiative launched by the design department at Habib University in 2017. It is known as the center for transdisciplinary design and innovation. It follows the Human Centered Design Approach for problem-solving. Playground hosts various design related seminars as well as workshops throughout the year.


Moreover, the design industry in Pakistan also holds some informal events throughout the year.

National Design Awards

National Design Awards (NIC LUMS) were initiated by Dr. Suleman Shahid and were launched at UXPakistan in 2018. They were organized to honor lasting achievements by students and professionals in the field of design in Pakistan. These awards aim to bring attention to valuable design work in Pakistan and spread awareness regarding the importance of good design and its role in everyday life. More details about NDAs within Foundry can be found here.

Informal Events

Moreover, the design industry in Pakistan also holds some informal events throughout the year.

Design Baithak

Design Baithak is a monthly meetup where the design community comes together to socialise and connect. More details about Design Baithak within Foundry can be found here..

Global Service Jam

Designist, a leading design agency of Pakistan, recently hosted a Global Service Jam in Karachi. The #GSJam appeals to everyone interested in a design-based approach to change. With its broad appeal, it s a great place to learn or get better at a whole set of design tools, methods and mindsets, which can be applied to any project.

Local Meetups

Communities like Dribbble, Stippple, GLUG, IXDA, IxDF working in Pakistan hold various monthly meetups.


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