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The Process

The DIY started off with desk research and competitor analysis, understanding the target users, building empathy, understanding how they perform tasks and what their wants and needs are. It moved on to critiquing existing websites using design principles and coming up with a design concept for the website


Phase 1

Information Synthesis

Phase 2

UX Review

Phase 3

Proposed Solution

Phase 4


Desk Research

As part of the literature review, I came across 3 notable related websites: The Canadian Expat, Australian Times and India Abroad. I had decided to conduct a UX review on the third due to cultural similarities between the the user group with Pakistanis.

User Research

To understand users, I conducted desk research on the subject and designed user personas for a competitor website.

I concluded that the user group was ‘casual technological users who had experience with how to navigate within a website while relying on visual affordances


User Personas

User Research

After an in depth analysis of the existing related website, India Abroad, several design principles were found to be broken. To access the detailed report, click here.

The need to design a news website for Pakistani expats that follows best design practices was, indeed, a major need

Selected UX and UI problems in India Abroad and their proposed solutions are highlighted in the table.


Proposed Solution

Keeping the problems and solutions in view, I proposed the following;

The website is designed using minimalism. Special
attention has been paid to the content on the home
page being less to avoid clutter.

The website is made aesthetic by adding a slideshow
on the home page.

Hover effects are taken care of to provide users with
feedback when they interact with the website

By Location

User is able to search by location which organizes
news effectively. This feature was added to cater to the
need of Hira Mirza (Persona 1).

News Categories

Different categories of news are found on the News


The user can comment on, save and share news
articles. S/he can also view the time it was posted and
the number of pictures/videos it has (if any).

Additional Features for Pakistanis

User can search for halal restaurants, mosques, local
events, communities and success stories besides news.
This caters to the suggestion given by some of the
survey participants: There is too much content on it.
Looks like a news website. Should have something
actually useful for expats?” and Help people living
abroad with their issues .


Meet the Team

Anum Haroon

Anum is a Research Associate at Chisel, Lums. Her area of expertise is UI/UX Design.

Education & Experience

Anum has recently completed Masters in Computer Science from LUMS and is currently working on multiple commerical and research projects involving UI/UX design and assistive technology.