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Best Design Social Media Platforms

By Mehreen Masood

Social Media

A curated list of design related blogs, websites and other platforms that every designer within Pakistan must know about.

UXDP Design Baithak Some good local platforms that can be used to stay updated on design resources are UXDP and Design Baithak. UXDP is a closed group on Facebook with a community of over 5000+ designers from across Pakistan. It helps us stay updated about local design news as well as design trends and inspirations. Design Baithak s Facebook page is another exciting place for designers to listen to exciting podcasts from top people in Pakistan s design industry. You can find more details about Design Baithak here.

Dribbble and Behance are two trendy design platforms recognized globally. Designers use both these platforms to showcase their work and design processes with each other, find inspiration, and participate in design challenges. These platforms are a great way to interact with new people with similar interests and support each other. Many people use these platforms for freelancing purposes as well.

Design Buddies is a newly emerged global discord community for designers. I am an active part of the community and use it to get professional feedback and advice on my work, connect with new people, find opportunities related to work and educational seminars.

AIGA's Eye on Design blog includes write ups on interesting and unique topics on design. The blogs are divided into 7 different categories such as graphic design, typography, books, magazines, and more.

Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) is a very popular site to visit if you are interested in User Experience Design. Don Norman is known as UX's father and is one of the founders of the Nielsen Norman Group. As a UX research and consulting firm, top organizations are trusted to provide expert guidance on UX. NN/g has the following resources on its website:
- Articles related to UX design
- Research reports and books related to UX design
- Online seminars and conferences

Moreover, I follow design agencies like on Wilson Wings Linkedin for quick tips and tricks related to design.

I gathered some data from a survey conducted amongst the design community of Pakistan. To gain a better understanding of the resources used by the design community, the following question was included in the survey:

“What sources do you use to improve your design knowledge?”

The data shows that the most popular learning resources amongst the community are Blogs, Online Courses, Videos, and Books.


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